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In the context of the 7th edition of the European Cluster Conference 2020, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform is organising the Side Event for Partnerships (ECP). This meeting will be held online the 16 November 2020 from 09:00-12:30 CET.

The partnering side event of the FECP aims to encourage exchange of knowledge and experiences and incentivise analysis of good and bad practices for supporting cluster members in the implementation of their respective partnership programmes. These include the following: 
  • European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence | ESCPs-4x
  • European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Going International | ESCP-4i
  • European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Smart Specialisation Investments|ESCP-S3
  • INNOSUP-01


The Forum of European Cluster Partnerships (FECP) has been created to foster communication on the issues and subjects that matter most to clusters. Establishing FECP aims to support the building and development of communities of practice among partnerships that will facilitate the exchange of activities and mutual learning among them, thus contributing to a better-connected, more collaborative cluster community.

The FECP will act as a discussion platform across the European Cluster Partnerships (international-ESCP-4i, smart specialisation-ESCP-S3, excellence-ESCP-4x, and innovation-INNOSUP-1 and any forthcoming ones).  


Start: 16 November 2020
End: 16 November 2020
European Cluster Collaboration Platform

Online event

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